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»Intelligent Agents
»An extension of the REA application for simulation of business ecosystems
»Released August 19, 2011
»Last update April 4, 2014

»Intuit QuickBooks functionality matched by an application developed as a domain-specific language test, in 2 man-days using 380 lines of code.
»September 7, 2010

»Google Apps Integration enables an option of storing business documents in the cloud.
»November 18, 2009

»New version of Stock Flow Graph covering all monitored resources, including cash flow.
»December 3, 2009

»Green Accounting application supporting Cement Sustainability Initiative
»June 19, 2009

»Direct Store Delivery application running on Windows Mobile 6.1
»Supported operating systems are now Windows XP and higher, and Windows Mobile 6.1 and higher.
»June 23, 2009

»Classroom Cashbox, a micro-vertical for classroom budgeting and accounting, featuring a new report generator.
»November 12, 2008

»Budgets and Estimates are now part of the modeling and runtime environment.
»August 13, 2008

»Posting 10.000 invoices in less than a second using in-memory database.
» Microsoft SQL server and datastream are now two supported data store options.
»April 21, 2008

»Workflows are now part of modeling and runtime environment.
»June 23, 2008

»Added runtime Multiuser Access.
»February 12, 2008

»Probably the first model-driven REA application was demonstrated at REA-25, Delaware, DE, USA, on June 13-15, 2007.
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